College of Science, Kalaburagi

(Run Under the aiges of Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardhaka Sangha)
Affiliated to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi and Re-Accrediated by NAAC with "B+" Grade and ISO Certified
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    Cultural Activities
    Report of Cultural and Literary Committee
    About the Cultural Activities

    • Art is a part of human life , apart from academic programmes co-curricular activities play a vital role in the students life. These activities increase opportunities for social interaction . Such activities are group oriented, which helps them to develop interpersonal skills .Cultural activities develops sense of responsibility, increases the level of confidence and co-operation in different conditions, prepare the students for real life and strengthen their personal skills .They help the students to identify themselves and develop important life skills such as creativity, confidence, self discipline , effective communication and the ability to work in teams.
    • Encourage the students and to give all students the opportunities to be involved in culturally enriching activities.
    • Inspire the students with special talents and to give them a chance to extend themselves and to grow in their area of expertise
    • Enhance the quality of their life.

    College Cultural Committee:
    • Cultural committee of the college is framed to develop and nurture the academic and cultural talent of the students, further it improve their capabilities to work as a team , it also helps in interaction with the people and raising level of confidence.
    Coordinator of cultural committee is
    • 2018-19. Dr.M.G.Patil.
    • 2019-20. Dr.Latadevi.S.Karikal.
    • During the academic year 2019-2020, Our students received the awards /medals/Cash prize in state and divisional level, youth festival conducted by GUK , and Inter collegiate events such as Elocution
    • Debate
    • Essay writing
    • Quiz
    • Mathematics model
    • Winners of Literary Events in Youth Festival
    • Group song ( Folk and Patriotic)
    • Classical vocal
    • Classical instrument( non percussion)
    • Group folk dance
    • One act play
    • Mehandi
    • Drama script writing

    • Photos
      • The institution works on Dasoha Philosophy of Education
      • TEACHING AND LEARNING for the sake of livelihood is an ordinary life.
      • TEACHING AND LEARNING not only for the sake of livelihood but also for the welfare of others is a good cultured life.
      • CULTURE GIVES WHILE VULTURE SNATCHES, vulture is animality and Culture is Humane.
      • TEACHING AND LEARNING not only for the sake of livelihood but also for the welfare of humanity, thinking that serving humanity is serving God, is Kayak and Dasoha philosophy of Education.

        Mission of the College
      • INDEPENDENT THINKING - it is adopted by Discourse method.
      • INDEPENDENT WRITNG - we give daily assignments and evaluate and give it back to them next day. Writing makes man perfect.
      • INDEPENDENT SPEAKING - It is adopted by debating and Discourse methods.
      • INDEPENDENT LIVING - We teach value based education (Discipline, Sincerity & Hard work), to face the challenges in the life to serve not only his family but also whole Nation-Mankind -
      • Love the neighbour and love the parents - helping among the students in academic and social context.
      • Give respect, Salute and Service - to Parents, Teachers, Elders and Nation.
      • Service to Nation is Service to God- Students are advised to participate actively in NCC and NSS organizations for village cleaning, health and literacy programs and campus cleaning.
      • Dress code is implemented to avoid discrimination among the students.

        Motto of the College
      • Discipline, Excellence, Hard work and Service.
      • We offer education to our students, to overcome many challenges
      • LIVE INDEPENDENTLY, to face the challenges in the life to serve not only his family but also whole nation-Mankind.