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Department of Mathematics

SBVV Sanghs Sharanbasaveshwar Collge of Science, Gulbarga is the single faculty science college, started in the year 1956. to impart need based and moral education to the students of Hyderabad- Karnataka.

The department has well organized infrastructure with highly qualified and experienced staff,  a spacious staff Room.

The existing staff members of the Department :

Name of the Faculty
Prof. B. S. Patil
Dr. T. V. Biradar
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Guest Lecturer
The following faculty have been awarded with financial assistance under minor/major research projects by UGC/DST.
Department is involved in the extension research work.

On going research projects :
    Name of investigator            Research Project            Amount in Rs.
        Dr.T.V. Biradar                         Applied   
The faculty members of the department are continually working on research problems. Their results are published and presented in National and International Scientific journals and at National and International Conference /Seminars. The department  arranges the guest lectures by various reputed scientists/ Educationist.

List of Research Publications in National/International Journals:
  1. Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Secant Shaped Slider Bearings lubricated with non-Newtonian Rabinowitsch Fluid Model, Proc. Int. Conf. (2005), pp 220-230, N.B.Naduvinamani and T.V.Biradar.
  2. Effects of Surface Roughness on Porous on Porous Inclined Slider Bearings Lubricated with Micropolar Fluids, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Vol.15, No.(4)(2007) pp.1-9. N.B.Naduvinamani and T.V.Biradar.
  3. Micropolarity Surface Roughness interaction on the performance of infinitely Long Journal Bearings, Canadian Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences, Vol. 2, N0.(1), (2008) pp 295-308, N.B.Naduvinamani and T.V.Biradar.


  • To start postgraduate course in Chemistry
  • Skill based training to students
  • To take up major research projects for faculty.