College of Science, Kalaburagi

(Run Under the aiges of Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardhaka Sangha)
Affiliated to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi and Re-Accrediated by NAAC with "B+" Grade and ISO Certified
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    NCC Activities of the College

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    Our Institution is one of the prominent pioneer Institution to set the trends in the upbringing of the student in the best possible way hence, making NCC accessible to girls is also one of the attempts of the Institution is making the student better thanks to the Initiative moved in by the principal M.B.Biradar (Ex-Major NCC), whose efforts materialized with the establishment of the girls wing (Senior wing) NCC unit was established in our Institution in the year of 2001-02 with the strength of 108 cadets. It has come and played a valuable role in the growth and development of the personalities and character of many 100 girls. They represent the young, disciplined and dynamic face of India.

    The motto of NCC is "UNITY AND DISCIPLINE" it strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of our nation, bringing together the youth of different religion and molding them into unified, secular and disciplined citizens.

    NCC aims in creating to develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, and secular outlook, spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country. To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life. And always available for the nation. It also aims to provide to take up a career in the Armed Forces.

    Our college 1/32 (B) SW COY. NCC   (Girls wing) is an illustrious NCC unit. There are total No. of 108 Senior Wing NCC cadets. Our cadets actively participate in various NCC activities and have earned laurels under dynamic leadership of the Associate NCC Officer/ COY. Commander's Major.GOURAMMA.S.PATIL (M.Sc Physics) Lecturer in Defense and strategic studies.

    Training course / commissioned from Officer's Training Academy at Gwalior.
    I.    LT-(2002-2007)
    II.    CAPT- (2007-2017)
    III.    MAJOR- (2017-- )

    *    RDC, IGC at Davanageri, 2013
    *    TSC (THAL SAINIC CAMP) at New Delhi 2014
         (Contingent Commander KAR and GOA Dte)
    *    DDG (Deputy Directorate  General) Award, 2014
    *    TSC (THAL SAINIC CAMP) at New Delhi 2015
         (Contingent Commander KAR and GOA Dte)
    *    DDG (Deputy Directorate  General) Award, 2015
    *    TSC (THAL SAINIC CAMP) at Delhi 2016
         (Contingent Commander KAR and GOA Dte)
    *    Group Commander Award 2016
    *    Nilgiri trekking camp Coimbatore at Ooty,2016
    *    IGC (TSC) at Belagavi, 2017
    *    Refresher/ cum / Pro at Gwalior, 2017
    *    IGC (RDC) at Toranagallu,2018
    *    CATC, NIC, BLC, Summer camp, RDC, RCTC etc

    Social Service Activities: Conducted on every year.
    *    Blood donation camp
    *    Rallies on various aspects related to awareness programmes.
    *    NCC day (2oth Nov).
    *    Yoga day (21st June).
    *    Netaji day (23rd January).
    *    Tobacco ban day (31st May).
    *    Traffic police training.
    *    Swachatha Andolana.
    *    Women's day (8th March).
    *    Cancer day (4th February).
    *    First aid training.
    *    Fire services.
    *    Armed forces flag day.
    *    Cultural activities.
    *    Civil defense.
    *    Karate training.
    *    Helmet wearing.
    *    Plastic ban awareness programs.
    *    Polio programs at different places.
    *    Fruit and cloths distribution to the old age home and blind school children.
    *    Tree plantation.
    *    Surgical Strike Day 2018.