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Academic Activities:Panoramic View – SHARNBASVESHWAR COLLEGE OF SCIENCE

Academic Activities:Panoramic View

SharanabasaveshwarCollege of Science, Kalaburagiwas established in the year 1956, and is permanently affiliated to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi. It is the first college in the Gulbarga University to get the certificate from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC). Every year our college studentsmake University records by getting distinction and ranks.

The collegedevelops and deploys action plan for effective implementation of the curriculum using the series ofstrategies. Also, ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well-planned and documented process.

Before commencement of the academic year,the academic calendar of the college that specifies suitable available dates for significant academic and other activities prepared by the IQAC and academic calendar committee and shared it with the faculty in the first meeting of the commencement of the academic year.

Academic calendar is implemented at the department level by handing over the prepared departmental time table for each academic year bythe Heads of the department.The concerned departments of the college prepare their departmental academic calendar for every academic year. Each programme has a well-defined objective which is reflected in the Programme Outcomes (POs) and Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs) and Course Outcome (COs) which in turn is reflected in the syllabus.

Each department submits the proposal enclosing a tentative plan constituting the academics and co-curricular activities of the department,which is going to be implemented in the academicyear.

Assignment of workload and allotment of classesarediscussed and finalized in departmentalmeeting chaired by respective Heads of the departmentat the beginning of every semester.

The college time-table committee prepares a general time-table for every semester. The concerned Head of the department prepares the department time-table for conducting theory and practical classes. Periodically the departmental meetings are held to review the completion of the syllabus.

Each faculty member prepares semester-wise teaching plan to ensure completion of the syllabus. The same will beupdatedin the work-done diary on daily basis. The Heads of the department and Principal of the college monitor it regularly.

All classrooms and some laboratories are provided with good environment for teaching with various ICT tools such as smart boards/Projectors and traditional chalk boards for the effective transmission and delivery of curricula.

The college organizes various seminars, workshops, and conferences to enrich and upgrade the subject-related knowledge. It provides a good platform to the teachers and the students to participate and interact with experts in various fields. Also organizes guest lectures by eminent academicians for the effective curriculum delivery.

College has NCC, NSS, student grievance and placement cell.

Our College provides special guidance to the slow learners by adopting Mentor/ Mentee system. For a group of 20 students a faculty is nominated as a mentor. Each mentor conducts weekly meeting and does the counseling for slow learners.

Bridge courses are planned and conducted for the first year students. To improve the student’s quality, twointernal assessment tests are conducted per semester as per the academic calendar. The quality of the internal test is maintained.