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Department of Botany

  1. Department of Botany
  2. Name of the Chairperson: DR.SHAILA.S.HIREMATH
  3. Faculty of the Department (permanent):
About the Department

Botany Department was established in the year 1956. In 1968-69 Botany was started as one of the major subject on the needs of students. In 1981 it was started as one of the optional subject for B.Sc course. In 2006 semester system is introduced and CBCS is introduced in 2018 for B.Sc course.  Since 1968 Department has well established with equipped laboratory. The Department has a museum with good collection of specimens. The department is maintaining the garden with many medicinal and ornamental plants in the college campus. The faculty members  published and presented papers in National and International Scientific Journals /Conference /Seminars. The department arranges the Guest lectures by various reputed scientists/ Educationists. Overall result of our department is more than 90% and students are getting rank every year.

Departmental research activities
  • Name: Dr. Shaila S. Hiremath
  • Date of the Birth: 03: 06: 1969
  • Total no. of Research Articles published in Peer- Reviewed Journals /UGC listed Journals with impact factors:08
  • No. of research articles appeared in proceedings of national/International Conferences:01
  • Total no. of papers presented:01
  • Name: Dr. Latadevi S. Karikal
  • Date of the Birth: 21.05.1969
  • Total no.of papers presented: 04
  • No.of books Published by regional publishers/state publishers/National publishers/Internal publishers:01(state)
  • No.of research articles appeared in proceedings of national/International Conferences: 02
  • Total no.of Research Articles published in Peer- Reviwed Journals /UGC listed Journals with impact factors:03

To provide quality education, foster creative ideas and promote innovative human enterprise with inspiration initiatives for academic excellence, research to meet the global challenges in Botany.


To empower students to enhance knowledge in independent learning skills; build  confidence and leadership qualities. Provide inputs beyond curriculum and enable the professional development for enhanced employability and engage in the education, service and research activities. 

  1. Plan to apply proposal for major /minor research projects.
  2. Plan to apply for research Guide-ship to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi.
  3. Plan to organize extension work in rural areas.
  4. Plan to start Skill enhancement courses.
Excellent infrastructure with well equipped laboratory. Good quality students come from different parts of the state. Dedicated and qualified faculty with Ph.D. Good work culture and freedom for experimentation. The department has favorable atmosphere for learning. The laboratory is upgraded regularly as needed.
Lack of research center or place. Most of the students from rural background.
  1. The three certificate courses offered along with their regular degree courses to give an opportunity to the students in the job market.
  1. Attraction of students from other states.
  2. Strengthening Consultancy Services.
  3. Attracting students towards reading and writing habit.

The existing staff members of the Department :

Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification
Dr. (Smt.) Shaila Hiremath H.O.D,  Prof. Assistant M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr. Latadevi Karikal Associate Professor M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
Mr. Neelakantharao.N.Chitagi Lecturer M.Sc.,KSET,B.Ed.

Contact Person:

  • Name:Dr. Shaila Hiremath
  • Telephone No:9900393298
  • Email: