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  1. Department of : Physics
  2. Name of the Chairperson: Dr.Chitralekha Alur
  3. Faculty of the Department (permanent):
Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification
Dr.Chitralekha Alur HOD, Asst. Professor M.Sc,M.Phil,Ph.D.
Dr.Omprakash Sonar Asst. Professor M.Sc,Ph.D.
Sri.Guranath Nimbalkar Lecturer M.Sc,B.Ed.(Ph.D)
Mr. Abhishek C Sangolli Lecturer M.Sc,B.Ed.(Ph.D)
Mr. Shivashankrayya G.H. Lecturer M.Sc, B.Ed
Mr. Shreekanth Kumbar Lecturer M.Sc,B.Ed
Mr. Ramlingappa Biradar Lecturer M.Sc,B.Ed, KSET
Mr. Vivekanand D.H Lecturer M.Sc.

Brief History of Department:: Physics Department was established in the year 1956. Physics was started as one of the major subjects on the needs of students. In the year 1981 it was started as one of the optional subjects for B.Sc course. In the year 2006 semester system is introduced and CBCS is introduced in the year 2018 for B.Sc. course. Since the inception, Department has well established with equipped laboratory. The faculty members of the department are continuously involved in research activities. Their results are published and presented in National and International Scientific journals and at National and International Conference /Seminars. The department arranges the Guest lectures by various reputed scientists/ Educationists. Overall result of our department is more than 80%.
Courses Offered::

Course Duration Eligibility Criteria
B.Sc Max. Period for completion of the course: 3 years Eligibility: PUC or its equivalent

SWOC analysis of the department and future plans::

  • Excellent infrastructure with well equipped laboratory.
  • Good quality students come from different parts of the state.
  • Dedicated and qualified faculty with Ph.D.
  • Good work culture and freedom for experimentation.
  • The department has favorable atmosphere for learning.
  • The laboratory is upgraded regularly as needed.
  • Lack of research center or place.
  • Most of the students from rural background.
  • Every year Add On courses are conducted by the department.
  • Every year Value added courses are conducted by the department.
  • Attraction of students from other states.
  • Strengthening Consultancy Services.
  • How to get rid of distraction of the students by the cell phones and social media is a major challenge before the teachers of the college.
  • Distraction of the students by the cell phones and social media. How to get rid of such forces is a major challenge before the teachers of the college.
  • Attracting students towards reading habit.
Future plans
  1. Planed to apply proposal for major /minor research projects.
  2. Planed to apply for research Guide- ship to Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi.
  3. Planed to organize extension work in rural areas.
  4. Planed to start Skill enhancement courses.

Contact Person:::

  • Name:Dr.Chitralekha.Alur
  • Telephone No : 948126964
  • Email