The main aim of establishing an Alumni Association is to maintain the link between college and Alumni and share their details of employment and achievements. Our college Alumni Association known as “Sharanbasveshwar College of Science Alumni Association, Kalaburagi” was registered on 06-10-2018 bearing Registration No. DRKB / SOR / 571 / 2018-2019.

  • To maintain the contacts of the alumni with the Alma-matter.
  • To foster the relationship between the past and the present students of the institution
  • To keep the old students informed of the growth and development of the institution.
  • To communicate on regular basis with the members of the Alumni and the College keeping mutually informed the developments of the Alumni as well as the Institution.
  • To foster more extended relationships between present students and staff and others associated with the College.
  • To organize, social, educational and networking events at Institution level.
  • To encourage Alumni to act as ambassadors of the College and assist in the Further development of the members & The College.
  • Generate funds for the development and betterment of the College and also for the Promotion of the objectives of the association.
  • To provide continuing education enrichment experience for alumni and present students of the College.
  • To institute prizes, scholarships to meritorius students and financial aid to poor and deserving students of the College.
  • To hold at least one meeting of the general body meeting periodically at college level and two meetings of the Executive Committee annually.

  • Procuring of Granite.
  • ACP for cladding College front elevation.
  • Procuring items of Sports and Books for library.
  • Purchase of reeling and fiber sheets for parking shed and library ramp.