Secretary Message

Sri. Basavaraj S.Deshmukh

Dear stakeholders, especially the teachers, students and the parents greetings to all of you, and I welcome you all to a brand new academic year of this pandemic era – 2020-2021. The students have moved from one class to another and some have been promoted owing to COVID-19. Their learning abilities have matured and changed from the different experiences of the last academic year. This reminds me that the only word that remains constant is “Change.”

Yoga developed into Poorna Yoga in Sri. Aurobindo, similarly in Poojya Appaji, Dasoha has spread widely in all the aspects of life in an institutional form and developed into Mahadasoha. According to Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appaji, Dasoha is extended to the field of education, it, just being a mere means to livelihood, must be harnessed to the service of man in the true spirit of Kayaka and Dasoha. Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appaji institutionalizes the Dasoha Philosophy in the vision of the Sangha that endeavors to attain excellence in service as reflected in these words. “No Religion is greater than service and service to humanity is service to God”. Here education is offered to the students, to overcome many challenges. Students are made to think Independently, Write Independently, Speak Independently, Live Independently to face the challenges in the life to serve, not only his family, but also the whole Nation – Mankind. Appaji opines that culture gives while vulture snatches. Thus culture is humane and vulture is barbarous.

Now, I recall my memory lane of substantial contribution made by my grandfather Poojya Sri Doddappa Appaji to this Science College and how it has been fostered by Poojya Dr.Appaji, the present President and the 8th Mahadasoha Peethadhipathi, over the years. Today students, alumni, teachers, administration and all the people who have been a part of this college in any capacity past and present – bear witness to the meteoric growth of this college. It is a dream come true that the college has celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, indeed a great milestone in the annals of the history of this college. We have been making sincere efforts to make it a centre of excellence and have constantly endeavored to translate this dream into a reality.

The Science Academy of the college, which addresses all kinds of needs of students to equip them with better skills, the NCC wing, the NSS units, the Sports Department, and all the departments of the college with excellent facilities of labs and well furnished class rooms, coupled with the excellent services of the library are doing an excellent job in molding and building the all-round development of students. All other Committees and Cells of the college take care of students emotional, social, and personal and also their other pressing needs.

I give a call to all of you that we have to equip ourselves to be a way ahead in this 21st century.. Let us together realize the goals set by Dr.Appaji and accomplish the vision and mission statements given by Appaji and make our college truly a center of excellence. I welcome you all again to this academic year and wish you a profound good luck.

Sri. Basavaraj S.Deshmukh B.E.
Sharanabasaveshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangha, Kalaburagi